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Chinese Oil Paintings For Wholesale - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I place an order?

Just choose the paintings you like and then send us your order.

2. Can I download all your pictures?

You can download our online catalog from this page

3. I visited your website and liked what I saw. What is the minimal quantity for an order? Initially, I’d like to take a sample order to test your quality.

The minimal quantity for an order is 100 pcs but you can order samples at any quantity for the first purchase. .

4. What size can be available?

20"x24", 24"x36", 36"x48" and any workable sizes as you want.

5. What kind of quality do the paintings have?

All the paintings listed on our website are in Medium quality.

6. What kind of canvas do you use?

The canvas are industrial made and painted totally by hand.

7. Could you instead of industrial made canvas with already made in the factory priming coat take the rough canvas and make the white priming coat by hand?

Yes. We can work with this kind of linen canvas as you request.

8. Do you do reproductions of pictures?

Yes, of course. We can do it as you request.

9. Can you do family portrait?

Of course. A family portrait keeps the cheerful moment permanently. Don't be hesitated. Just email us the photos.

10. Can I modify the custom painting and change some of the details?

Our artists can change the paintings as your request, such as people can be eliminated or added. Clothing, hair and eye color and backgrounds can be changed. We can even combine two photos to make one painting. Please put your modification requests on the order.

11. Are you selling the originals or reproduced arts?

We sell only reproductions. Some paintings we are selling are reproductions of masterpieces and some are reproductions of the works by our experienced artists.

12. Is it possible to send me an free samples?

Sorry we don’t offer free samples but I’d like to suggest you place a sample order to test our quality.

13. Do you sell paper frames?

Yes, we can. Please feel free to contact us for details.

14. I have done business before with companies and the paintings do not look like what they have on web site. What assurance would I have that what I order will be what I get?

All the pictures on our website are photos of actual paintings. With skilled and experienced artists, the oil paintings are satisfying our customers.

15. Do you print on canvases?

Sorry to inform you that we don't offer print paintings currently. Our paintings are 100% hand-made paintings.

16. can you make paintings in Acrylic?

Yes, we can.

17. I noticed all paintings have someone's name on it. Can we not have that?

Normally we signed, but we can deal it as your request.

18. Are the paintings already stretched? Do you sell stretcher bars?

Normally the paintings are not stretched. But we can stretch them if you need.

19. Are all the frames wood based?

Yes, all of our frames are wooden so far. We will inform you in advance if we use other materials in the future.

20. What about the custom painting cost?

The prices for our custom paintings depend on the sizes of the paintings and the complexity of the pictures. So please mail us the pictures then we will quote for you.

21. Could you let me know the update price list on your categories?

Below are the wholesale prices listed on our website
20 x 24 inches on canvas ...US$7.95 for each
24 x 36 inches on canvas ...US$12.95 for each
36 x 48 inches on canvas ...US$23.95 for each
60 x 80 inches on canvas ...US$79.95 for each
30 x 30 inches on canvas ...US$14.95 for each
30 x 40 inches on canvas ...US$18.95 for each
40 x 40 inches on canvas ...US$25.95 for each
24 x 48 inches on canvas ...US$18.95 for each
20 x 60 inches on canvas ...US$18.95 for each

22. Can I give you a list of specific names to make the signature?

The paintings from our stock are well signed with our names. However we also can make the signature as your requests.

23. Is it possible to order in big quantities?

Yes. It is absolute for you to order in big quantities. And below is the detailed discount information for the paintings
20 x 24 inches on canvas
US$7.95 for each ... for an order of 100 - 999 pieces
US$7.45 for each ... for an order of 1000 - 4999 pieces
US$6.75 for each ... for an order of 5000 or above
24 x 36 inches on canvas
US$12.95 for each ... for an order of 100 - 999 pieces
US$11.95 for each ... for an order of 1000 or above
36 x 48 inches on canvas
US$23.95 for each ... for an order of 100 - 999 pieces
US$21.95 for each ... for an order of 1000 or above

24. How long should it take for a painting to dry well enough?

It takes around 2-7 days, depending on the thickness of the oil.

25. Do you ever do watercolor paintings as well?

Watercolor is also our business.

26. Is it possible to visit your factory?

Welcome to visit our factory, and our address is:
C1 Nanyue Wenhuayuan, Biling, Pingshan, Shenzhen, China 518118
Please let us know your detailed schedule of coming here, we will arrange the reception.

27. How are shipping costs worked out with regard to packing?

The shipping cost depends on the weight of the paintings and the quantity of your order.
Below is the weight of the paintings:
20 x 24 inches ... 0.24 kilogram
24 x 36 inches ... 0.48 kilogram
36 x 48 inches ... 0.96 kilogram

28. How about the package?

The paintings are packed in hard tubes or hard boxes so that they will be well protected.

29. Are they interlayed with some material (plastic) when you pack paintings?

Yes, they are separated with protective plastic interlayers.

30. How many paintings (20"x24", 24"x36"and 36"x48") could be packed in 1 tube?

The tube can be custom made as per specific size. Generally a tube can involve 30 pieces of 24” x 36” paintings.

31. About how long take you to producing the pictures?

Normally an order is expected to be completed in about 15 days after your payment. It will take another 4-7 days by air express to your front door. If you choose from our stock, the order will be shipped in 48 hours.

32. What forms of payment do you take?

Payment can be made via the below four means.
1) PayPal
2) Western Union
3) Wire transfer

33. What is your payment terms?

Full deposit requested if painting value is less than $3000. 50% as deposit and the rest to be paid when the paintings are ready for delivery, if painting value is US$3000 or more

34.If I send payment to you, do you send me confirmation that you have received it?

You will be informed once your payment was well received.

35. After I make payment, I worried about delivery. Is it secure to buy your products?

It is safe to deal with us. We have a good name among our 1000 clients.

36. How close is the likeness to the original I send, in detail and color?

We can’t guarantee exact likeness to the originals, but will try our best to make it close to the originals and keep the feeling of art.

37. Can you email images of my finished order?

For samples or portraits, we would like to offer this service.

38. Can you ship containers?

Yes, large quantities are our main practice..

39. Can you do drop ship?

Yes. We can arrange. However the minimum quantity should be 10 pieces for each drop ship order.

40. Can you ship paintings by post?

Of course, shipping by post is available. Also we can ship by courier service like DHL,UPS, FedEx, TNT, moreover air freight or sea delivery.

41. Can you ship paintings with frames?

Yes, we can. Please choose frames which catch your eyes .

42. How you shipping the frames?

The frames are usually shipped by sea. If the quantity is not big enough, they also can be shipped by air.

43. Can I track my shipment?

Sure, the tracking number will be sent to you as soon as your order is shipped.

44. Is there insurance for the delivery of the paintings?

Normally the insurance will be covered according to the customer's request. If you need, we can assist you to arrange it.

45. Do you do customs clearance?

Normally, the shipper will help you to arrange customs clearance. In some cases, it may need your assistance especially by air freight or sea delivery.

46. Do you know how much import tax we have to pay?

You’d better consult with your local customs, since different countries have different rules.

47. Is it refundable if we are not happy with the paintings?

Generally, there are three methods to resolve it.
1) We can refund it if it is our obligation.
2) We can replace part of them if they are not the expected.
3) We can reach an agreement to minimize our mutual loss.

48. Can I call you over the phone easily?

Yes. Please reach the 24-Hour Hotline at 86-755- 88845345. You are welcome any time.

49. Can you speak Italian?

Sorry I can’t speak Italian. Right now English and Chinese are our office languages.

50. Can I get an digital CD-ROM for your catalog?

Yes, a digital CD catalog will be sent by post as you request.

51. I have some question and want to get your quick answer. how can I get in touch with you shortly?

You just need to click the dialog box of LIVE CHAT on top left corner and chat with us online, our sales man will follow your every message in time. Or feel free to contact us with our 24 HOURS HOTLNE: +86-755-88845345
You can contact us via LIVE CHAT

52. I have chosen paintings, but there is nothing shown in my shopping cart. What is the reason and what should I do?

It may because of the privacy setting of your browser. Please ensure that the cookies from our website will not be blocked.
Kindly remind the pop-up of shopping cart may be blocked by your browser.

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