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Spotlight on Acrylic Oil Paintings

Many artists across the world prefer to work with acrylic paints as their brilliance of color and great flexibility allows them the artistic freedom they seek. Acrylic oil paintings are highly resistant to the passage of time thanks to their polymer foundation. The canvas must be especially primed for acrylic oil paintings, and brushes have been specifically developed.

Acrylic paints are ideal for art movements and trends that emphasize high brilliance and the application of various textural effects, as well as the rapid completion of a full-bodied paint quality composition. In the United States the oil painting styles of the mid-20th century required the introduction of acrylic paints and their subsequent development.

Acrylics have been accepted worldwide as they entice artists willing to experiment with their variety of colors and textures. Themes in our exclusive collection of acrylic oil paintings include the moving faces of emotion and the mystical allure of spirituality; the powerful beauty of nature and the colors of tradition. Novica’s collection attests to the boundless energy of contemporary artists throughout the world. We hope you enjoy!



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