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How To Paint A Landscape

I used to see people painting landscapes that they worked on for weeks. The funny thing is, the oil painting seemed to get worse the longer they worked on it.

They would just muddle through and scrub and wipe, never knowing what they were really doing. They would just spend weeks scrubbing on a store bought canvas…

And at the end, they had a landscape that they were never happy with, with no luminosity, no depth,and that was the result of all that time and effort.

That’s ridiculous and a waste of effort!

What if you could paint a complete landscape in 2-3 hours instead of weeks?

  • Want to know how to begin from a blank canvas?
  • Want to know how to glaze in a landscape?
  • Want to watch a 2 hour painting appear before your eyes?
  • Want to see a landscape created in more than 1 sitting?



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